What’s included in a power flushing quote from us?

So, let’s imagine that you’re already aware of the many telltale problems of a power flush of your central heating system being needed – such as cold spots in your radiators, noisy pipes or the presence of dirty brown or black water when you bleed your radiators.

You might also know that a power flush can restore the efficiency of your system to the extent of slashing your fuel bills by as much as a quarter. But what, exactly, do you get for our outlay when you request a quote from us?

 It couldn’t be easier to ask for a quote

First of all, it’s important to appreciate that it’s completely free to request a power flushing quote from us, and that there is no obligation for you to then make use of our service, if you do not wish to do so. Furthermore, when you do provide a quote, we will ask for all of the details, but only the details that we need to give you the most accurate price for the job.

The main service that you get from us after you approve our quote is, of course, the power flush itself. This involves us turning up at your property, surveying your central heating system and then connecting the power flushing equipment in the most appropriate place.

Once this has happened, a solution of water, chemicals and rust inhibitors will be introduced to the system, loosening the black iron oxide sludge and lime scale that may presently be clinging to the inside of your pipes, compromising its performance and efficiency. Once the job is done – and it typically takes only a day in a domestic property – the chemicals and inhibitors will be left in the system to help to prevent future system build-ups.

Ask us for a well-priced power flush today

There’s plenty more that’s effectively covered in your power flushing quote to give you even greater peace of mind, including the £5,000,000 public liability insurance that our engineers carry, as well as a three-year guarantee, which you can extend to five years when you also have a MagnaClean filter installed. We also issue a BS7593 compliance certificate on the completion of the power flush.

Please bear in mind that the ultimate cost of your power flush will be determined by a wide variety of factors, including the number of radiators in your heating system and whether you have Microbore piping or any unusual components.  That’s why we advise you to give us as much relevant detail as possible when you request your power flushing quote.

Power Flush Wizard is the company to choose for a high-quality, complete and well-priced power flush – so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!