Don’t leave your employees shivering this winter!

Given all of the power flushes and related services we provide for the residential market, it’s understandable that many people forget we also undertake power flushing for all manner of commercial organisations – as we feel an especially great need to emphasise at this time of year.

After all, as Christmas looms, we’re sure that everyone in your own firm’s employ is working hard to meet vital deadlines before the inevitable office parties and family celebrations.

In the process, you will want to ensure your staff benefit from an optimal working environment – as the central heating system at your premises plays a key role in providing. So, why might you want to get in touch with Power Flush Wizard about our commercial power flushing services?

A faulty boiler can compromise your business in more ways than one

We’re sure you’ll agree with us that your company’s central heating system is extremely important at this time of year. If, by any chance, it suddenly stopped working altogether, you wouldn’t want your employees to be left shivering in the office – yet, all too many business owners take that risk.

As is the case with residential central heating systems, the equivalent systems at schools, offices, hotels, public houses and retailers – to name just some of the commercial clients we have served in the past – can become laden with black iron oxide ‘sludge’ and lime scale build-up over time.

As such sludge and lime scale start to accumulate, you may not notice much difference to your experience with your company’s central heating system at first. However, if you spot such telltale signs as cold spots in your radiators, loud banging noises from the boiler or dirty brown or black water when you bleed the radiators, it’s a good idea to swiftly get in touch with commercial power flushing specialists like ourselves.

We can give you peace of mind with a professional power flush

While we are far from the only company out there that can provide you with commercial power flushing, you would certainly be hard-pushed to find a firm that takes the same fastidious and professional approach that we do.

Our engineers are all thoroughly trained in power flushing, and know exactly what to do to undertake a power flush that will leave your organisation’s central heating system performing more efficiently, reliably and affordably for a long time to come.

There’s no need to put your company at unnecessary risk this winter! Instead, request your free quote from us today, and we’ll get back in touch with you to discuss your requirements for a power flush, visit your commercial site free of charge and provide a no-obligation quote for our services.