5 reasons why a central heating power flush is more convenient than you think.

How are you doing with your New Year resolutions? Have you signed up for and actually used that gym membership? Has your diet improved? Have you made big steps towards that new career you promised yourself?

Or are you falling behind with all of these things, because they seem like too much hassle?

It’s understandable why so many people fail with their resolutions, but sometimes, you really do have no excuse. Consider power flushing, for instance. It’s recommended that you have a central heating power flush performed at your property every five to six years if you want to keep your system in the best possible shape.

The great news is that it’s not as inconvenient a process as you might think – and here are five reasons why.

1.    It doesn’t take that long to complete

Naturally, the exact amount of time that a central heating power flush takes depends on various factors, including the size and condition of your system. However, if your house and system are typical, it should only take about one day for everything to be done.

 2.    We won’t leave behind a terrible mess

A central heating power flush doesn’t cause as much mess as you might have heard it does, although there is still typically a small amount of mess created. Don’t worry, though – our dependable professionals always clear it up afterwards, aiming to leave a property as they found it.

 3.    We don’t need to remove your radiators

It may have been cold spots in your radiators that prompted you to contact us about a power flush in the first place, but the process itself thankfully doesn’t require any of them to be disconnected.

 4.    You can expect impeccable customer service from us

Whatever concerns you might have about the power flushing process, we’d be delighted to answer them to put your mind at rest. Simply contact a member of our friendly and professional team directly via our online contact form, or by calling 0800 849 1308.

 5.    Our quotes are both free and no-obligation

If you would just like to receive a quotation right now to give yourself a clear idea of how much a central heating power flush would cost you, we’d be happy to do that – there’s no obligation to proceed to use our services after receiving our quote. Furthermore, the extensive information that we collect when you do request a quote enables us to be extremely accurate about the price that we present to you.

There you go – just a few reasons why you don’t have to be scared about getting in touch with us about a central heating power flush this January. With power flushing capable of slashing as much as 25% off your heating bills as a result of the much-improved efficiency of your system, we suspect it’ll turn out to be a much better investment for you than that gym membership!