What else does Power Flush Wizard offer, besides power flushing?

As our name suggests, our trusty engineers are power flushing experts.

Although our power flushes will have your central heating system working as good as new in no time, we still like to offer our clients a comprehensive service that we like to think covers every central heating problem imaginable. 

So, what else can Power Flush Wizard do to help get your home warm and toasty again?

We offer free, no-obligation quotes

If you simply want to find out approximately how much a power flush will set you back, our team will never push you into purchasing anything you don’t want to, or that your home doesn’t actually need.

All that you need to do is tell us some personal info, and then tell us about your property and central heating system in detail.

You can get a free quote by filling out our online form or by giving us a quick call.

Need your boiler servicing? No problem

The boiler is the heart of your central heating system. Despite this, many people give little regard to their boiler until they begin having problems, or until it breaks down altogether.  

It’s a wise move to have your boiler serviced yearly at the very least; this will help to spot any problems before they become a major issue, keep your boiler working as efficiently as possible and helps to increase its longevity.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us regarding having your boiler serviced by our Gas Safe registered engineers.

Install efficiency-boosting central heating upgrades

To further increase the efficiency of your central heating system, we can install a range of upgrades depending on your needs or your central heating system’s specific problems.

We can install limescale inhibitors, as well as filters to help reduce the amount of black iron oxide build-up that lingers in your system. We also offer various solutions to help you control how heat is dispersed in your central heating system and in turn, around your home.

Cylinder thermostats and wireless room thermostats can help to do this, as can our thermostatic radiator valves and Honeywell zone valves.

We can also install unvented water cylinders and ‘A’ rated pumps and boilers, all of which help to drastically improve the efficiency of your central heating system.

Feel free to contact our team to find out more about what Power Flush Wizard can do.