We offer specialised commercial power flushing for a wide range of businesses.

Regular readers of our blog will have learned quite a lot about our knowledge and experience in domestic power flushing. It’s certainly true that our engineers work hard – up and down the UK – to undertake vital work to homeowners’ central heating systems to keep them running well for longer.

However, we don’t just serve the residential market – so what does your business need to know about our highly respected commercial power flushing service?

 Power flushing, adapted to your business’s needs

 In many ways, our commercial power flushing process is much the same as that we provide for domestic properties, although it does also differ in some key ways.

Whether you request our service after noticing telltale signs of problems such as cold areas at the top and bottom of your radiators or noise originating from the boiler, or you instead just want to make sure your system is still in the best working order, our engineers will follow a proven process.

The first stage of their work will be to undertake a detailed survey of your heating system, before performing any system upgrades that may be needed. The power flushing process itself can then commence, involving special chemicals being fed into the system to remove sludge.

We will use larger commercial power flushing equipment than you might be used to if you have previously used our domestic service, while we also ensure that any mess created by the power flushing process is cleaned up before we leave.

It all helps to ensure that whatever needs to be done to your central heating system to keep it delivering the best possible performance is done, while minimising any disruption to your business’s day-to-day activities.

Call us now about commercial power flushing

While the businesses that we have most frequently served with commercial power flushing services in the past include offices, schools, sports centres, hotels, public houses and retail outlets, we can undertake the job at any type of business premises.

Here at Power Flush Wizard, we have long been passionate about helping businesses to keep their central heating systems in the best possible shape, so that their employees, customers and clients can continue to work comfortably and productively. You can also have the peace of mind of knowing that all of our commercial power flushing work is fully guaranteed.

Simply contact our team now for advice or a full written no-obligation quote. We believe that you shouldn’t just receive the best power flush, but also the best all-round service, and here at Power Flush Wizard, we are committed to bringing you both so that you can focus on your core business.