We can tackle your most frequently asked questions about Flow boilers.

If you are a regular reader of our blog here at Power Flush Wizard, you’ll likely already be aware of Flow boilers, but we are nonetheless anxious that they may be easily forgotten among our many other service offerings, such as central heating cleaning.

In short, a Flow boiler is an innovative type of boiler that generates electricity while it heats water, allowing you to save money on your energy bills in a sustainable manner.

We get plenty of questions about Flow boilers and the process involved in having one installed in the home by one of our Gas Safe registered engineers, so we thought it would be beneficial to answer some of the most frequently asked ones.

An innovation that’s suitable for most

As you’ll probably have already established, the Flow boiler represents a fairly new development in boiler technology. It is because of this that there is currently only one model available, although there are several others in development.

The current model requires a separate hot water tank and is suitable for houses with three to five bedrooms. However, the company behind the boiler – Flow Energy – is also working on a combi version, more powerful models for the heating of larger homes, and even a business version, which would enable the more economical installation of the boiler in smaller homes.

Highly capable technology

Some other common questions that we receive about the Flow boiler concern its exact capabilities, including how much electricity it generates, how efficient it is, and its true effectiveness in reducing energy bills.

The Flow boiler generates approximately 2000kWh of electricity a year when the household is using about 35,000Wh of gas. This is about half the electricity that your average household will need, so it’s fair to say that the Flow boiler is more than capable of fulfilling its important roles – indeed, it is an A-rated appliance with 92% efficiency.

Lastly, one of the questions that practically all of our Flow boiler customers ask is whether it will actually drive down their energy costs. For the first five years after installation, the electricity that the boiler generates pays off the cost of the boiler. After this, your energy bills are reduced by up to £500 a year.

Do you have any further queries about the Flow boiler? If so, feel free to contact us! The professional, friendly and helpful Power Flush Wizard team can be easily reached via phone or email.