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Your boiler is very much the heart of your home, so it should go without saying that you take only the most careful and considered approach to gas boiler installation, repair and servicing. That extends to choosing the right brand of boiler in the first place, and we feel that those of the long-established Viessmann brand are among the best-performing and dependable of all.

What makes Viessmann boilers so special?

When you wish to generate ample heat for your home’s needs, but also in a clean and economical way, a gas-fired condensing boiler is unquestionably one of the best options. It is these in which Viessmann specialises, with the company manufacturing gas boilers to suit almost all conceivable residential and commercial applications and budgets.

Viessmann can trace its history back to 1917, when Johann Viessmann set up a small workshop on the banks of the Saale in the town of Hof, Germany. A century later, the company remains in the ownership of the Viessmann family, providing a range of sophisticated HVAC products that is an incredibly far cry from the steel boilers that were the firm’s earliest products. 

The company offers an impressive boiler selection

Today, Viessmann’s range of gas condensing boilers for homes includes combi or combination boilers that combine a high-efficiency water heater and a central heating boiler in a single compact unit. System boilers are also available and work by pumping hot water to radiators and a sealed hot water storage cylinder. These latter boilers are the perfect choice for households with more than one bathroom requiring hot water.

Other options in the current Viessmann gas boiler range include open vent boilers that are designed to be installed on an open vented system, these being an attractive option when you wish to replace a traditional heating system without the need to make too many pipework changes. Alternatively, you might opt for a storage combi boiler, which combines the best things about a system boiler and combi boiler in one package, providing both efficient heating and large volumes of hot water.

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Power flushing may be our main specialism here at Power Flush Wizard, but we also have an exceptional track record in gas boiler installation, repair and servicing, all carried out by our suitably qualified and experienced Gas Safe registered engineers.

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