The central heating upgrades that can help to ensure peak performance for longer.

To get rid of cold zones in your radiators and boost the performance of your heating system, we would always urge you to have a power flush performed.

Here at Power Flush Wizard, we can provide quick and effective power flushes to your heating system, so that it works to its full potential once again.

However, there are certain other central heating upgrades that you can have installed to help reduce the number of power flushes your system needs in its lifetime. Here are some of the best peripherals that you can specify.  

MagnaClean filters

Power flushes are a great way to get rid of black iron oxide sludge and limescale in your central heating system. After a power flush, the chemicals that are pushed through your system will hang around and deter the build-up of additional sludge.

However, the effects of a power flush won’t last forever, and those chemicals will eventually dissipate.

MagnaClean filters are designed to prevent black sludge from developing even when there are no traces of a power flush in your system, which helps to ensure it operates at full capacity for much longer.

Honeywell zone valves

These valves allow users to control exactly which area of their home they want to be heated. They are incredibly useful because they save you from heating the entirety of your home when you’ll only be occupying one room.

Heating only one room and leaving the others not only saves you money by reducing energy costs, but it also means that many of the pipes in your system aren’t used when you don’t need them, which drastically slows down the build-up of limescale and sludge.

Wireless room thermostats

This is a really simple one to install. These types of thermostat don’t need to be attached to your system at all, but they give you temperature readouts in real-time to let you know how your system is performing.

Not only do these thermostats allow easy temperature control, but they can also highlight any issues that your central heating might be experiencing much quicker, because you have the freedom to place yours somewhere that ensures you notice it frequently.

Higher performance for longer with Power Flush Wizard

To book a power flush or learn more about the central heating upgrades that we can provide, why not get in touch with the Power Flush Wizard team today? We are always available to provide the specialist and informed advice and also guidance that you need on all things central heating and power flushing.