Take your power flush to the next level with a MagnaClean filter installation.

As you might expect, here at Power Flush Wizard, we are great believers in the effectiveness of power flushing in getting your central heating system working as good as new again.

This quick and easy procedure causes little disruption to your home and can solve a myriad of central heating problems, including lack of hot water from taps, radiators that are cold in certain parts and boilers that cut out regularly and make strange noises.

But did you know that there are several upgrades you can benefit from once your power flush has finished? One of the most popular central heating upgrades we offer is a MagnaClean filter installation.

A power flush, as well as removing all iron oxide deposits from your central heating system, leaves chemicals in the system that help to reduce the corrosion process producing these sludgy black iron oxide deposits. Unfortunately, these chemicals only last for a limited amount of time.

The main benefit of a MagnaClean filter installation is a drastic reduction in any future build-up of black iron oxide throughout your central heating system – much the same effect, then, as the chemicals left behind after a power flush. The result of this is a system that runs much more efficiently, thereby saving you money on your future heating bills.

What other upgrades can PowerFlush Wizard install for me?

Other, similar upgrades are also available to be installed after your power flush is complete.

If you’re worried about lime-scale, a electrolytic scale inhibitor can be installed. A build-up of lime-scale can inhibit your central heating system in a similar way to iron oxide deposits, reducing the amount of water that can flow through the system. This inhibitor is easy to install, requires no maintenance and will help to reduce lime-scale build up on all appliances that use mains water. What’s not to like?

Feel free to contact our experts here at Power Flush Wizard for more information on a MagnaClean filter installation, or to find out more about our power flushing expertise in general. You will be amazed that you allowed your home’s central heating problems to go unaddressed for so long!