Power flushing – one of the many ways to save money on your fuel bill.

You’ll likely already know that a central heating power flush is a great way to cut your fuel bill by up to 25%, as well as bringing about many other benefits.

More on power flushing later – in the meantime, we’ve compiled a list of almost effortless tips to massively decrease your fuel bill.

Get cosy and layer up

This may be one of the more obvious tips and the easiest to implement into your daily routine.  Wearing thicker clothing, or simply more layers, is a simple way to feel less frozen without cranking the thermostat up.

The majority of body heat is lost through your extremities – namely your hands and feet. If you’re feeling a tad cold, several pairs of socks or a pair of slippers are an easy way to warm up without breaking the bank.  Extra blankets, duvets and sheets are also a must for the living room and bedroom.

It may be trickier and less comfortable to layer up in the warmer months, but it’s unlikely that you use your heating system much at that time of year anyway.

Be clever with your cooking

As well as saving you a huge amount of time during the busy work week, cooking multiple meals at once or cooking big batches of reheatable food can save you massively on your energy bills.

Set one day aside on the weekend to use the oven or hob to cook as much food as possible, and freeze or refrigerate whatever you don’t need for that day. It may seem like a big change to make at first, but plenty of research into recipes and forming a plan or schedule will make it feel like a breeze.

Get power flushing

The simple process of a power flush from Power Flush Wizard is multi-beneficial. In addition to saving you up to a quarter on your heating bills, a power flush may reduce the noise from your boiler, the heat from your radiators will increase significantly and you’ll receive protection against any future build ups that may damage or inhibit your central heating system.

To get a free, no-obligation quote for a power flush for your home today, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team here at Power Flush Wizard.