Our Commercial Power Flushing Services

As well as our regular Power Flushing service for domestic households, Power Flush Wizard can also provide you with an excellent Commercial Power Flushing service.

This would include heating systems in facilities such as; Offices, Sports Centres, Schools, Hotels, and much more!

Our Commercial Power Flushing follows these few simple but effective steps, carried out by one of our fully qualified engineers:

Firstly, the heating system will be provided with a detailed survey in order to access its condition. This is to be done before any remedial treatment is to be undertaken.

Next, any upgrades that the system may require will be carried out.

After this has been completed, our engineer will select the best place(s) at which to connect our specialised power flushing equipment and begin to feed our special chemicals into the system in order to remove sludge, rust and lime scale.

This is then flushed around the heating system, back to the power flushing equipment where the sludge and other debris is filtered out. The clean, filtered water is then passed back in to the heating system.

After the power flushing process has been completed, we will ensure any mess that has been created is clean up thoroughly.

All of our commercial power flushing comes with a full guarantee. Book your Power Flush today with Power Flush Wizard, we can provide you with a FREE no obligation power flush quote. To get your Power Flush quote today fill in our quick and simple quote form and one of our friendly team will get back to you with a quote, or call our dedicated technical support team for advice, or to arrange a FREE site visit.

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