MagnaClean filter installation helps to guard against future central heating problems.

All too many of us are familiar with those telltale signs of a central heating system that has become too clogged up with thick black sludge, such as discoloured water when the radiators are bled, and noticeable radiator cold spots. Thankfully, many people are also now discovering just how effective a professional power flush can be for eradicating the troublesome black iron oxide sludge and lime scale that could otherwise build up and threaten the integrity of their central heating system.

However, while power flushing itself is unquestionably highly effective at loosening such built-up deposits, thereby enabling water to once again move freely around your central heating system, you may have questions about the length of time for which you can expect your system to remain in good health before you need to call us about another power flush.

Thankfully, we’ve thought carefully about this, and our power flushing procedure is designed to help ensure that your central heating system really does continue to operate at its best for as long as possible after our work is done – with MagnaClean filter installation very much central to this.

What isa MagnaClean filter, then?

When we carry out a power flush on your central heating system, we introduce a mix of water, chemicals and rust inhibitors that remain in the system for some time after we have gone, helping to protect against future build-ups. However, they won’t be in your system forever, which is where our MagnaClean filter installation service may come in very useful and reassuring.

The purpose of a MagnaClean filter is simple to understand – it captures any iron oxide or lime scale that might otherwise threaten to accumulate in your system, removing it and allowing only liquid to pass back into the system. When combined with a dedicated lime scale inhibitor, a MagnaClean filter can do so much to ensure that your heating system does not get clogged up again with the deposits that made it so urgently necessary for you to call us about a power flush.

These are far from our only available central heating upgrades, with others that we can offer at a competitive price including the likes of thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs), wireless room thermostats, Honeywell zone valves and un-vented water cylinders.

Regardless, there’s nothing quite like MagnaClean filter installation for giving you vital peace of mind about the condition of your central heating system, both now and in the future. With all of that in mind, why not give Power Flush Wizard a call now about this in-demand service?