Learn more about the many benefits of power flushing.

You’ll likely already know that a central heating flush brings about many benefits – including cutting your fuel bills by up to 25%. However, power flushing comes with many bonus perks that you may not know about… 

The heating up time of your system is reduced

There’s nothing worse than turning on your central heating system, only for it to take forever to heat up. If your heating is taking scarily long to kick into action, it may be due to a build up of iron oxide deposits – something a power flush will sort out. 

Flushing these deposits out means that water can flow around the system much easier, which makes for a much shorter heating up time. 

It’ll get rid of any pesky boiler noises

If your boiler is suddenly acting up and being a lot louder, it’s most likely due to an accumulation of deposits in the system. Leaving it for too long means that you may have to replace the boiler entirely, which can be extremely costly.

You’ll feel the benefit of your central heating system more

Once the deposits lurking in your central heating system have been removed, the water will flow around the system much, much easier. This means that the heat coming from the radiators will be significantly increased, which in turn, means you probably won’t have to leave the heating on for as long.

Curious? Get in touch with our power flush experts today…

However, these are just a few of the biggest benefits of having a power flush performed. The procedure will most likely take less than a day to perform fully, and the Power Flush Wizard team will do it with as little disruption as possible.

We are the market leaders in the UK for both domestic and commercial power flushing, and have been for many years. All of the work that we carry out is guaranteed, and every one of our engineers is fully qualified for your utmost peace of mind.

For more information on how a power flush from Power Flush Wizard could benefit your home, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly and professional team today.