Is black sludge in your heating system that big a deal?

To gain an appreciation of just how vital heating systems flushing is, it’s well worth considering what state your heating system would be in if it was never subject to any power flush at all.

It’s easy to presume that the thick black sludge that builds up inside your heating system has little consequence other than making your system less efficient than it would otherwise be. Yes, that may be an inconvenience in that it will make your home or business’s heating a bit more expensive. But surely, there’s no urgent need to request a power flush?

Internal corrosion of your boiler makes a real difference

Unfortunately, the build-up of sludge over the lifetime of your central heating system poses major risks. As the sludge accumulates in your system due to the internal corrosion of parts, there will be an ever-greater risk of pipes becoming blocked and the efficiency of radiators being compromised.

That’s bad enough, because it will mean your boiler having to do more work to continue providing the same level of heat in your home or commercial premises. However, if nothing is done to treat the problem, you could end up having to carry out very expensive repairs to your system. Even worse, your boiler may suddenly fail at the time when you most need it.

Don’t ignore the warning signs

Even if you feel that you can take the risk of your heating system not being power flushed for a while, there are a lot of problems that the accumulation of sludge in your system can cause in the meantime.

Such problems include cold spots in your radiators, or for that matter, your radiators only being warm at the top rather than the bottom, or only being warm at the bottom rather than the top. Your radiators being cold at the bottom, for example, can happen due to the heavy build-up of black iron oxide sludge in the radiator, which can block the flow of water into and out of the radiator.

Alternatively, you may be sadly familiar with your boiler making loud banging or clunking noises, or even cutting out on a regular basis. Again, it could be the collection of deposits in your central heating system that is to blame.

Why tolerate all of these adverse effects of the build-up of black sludge in your system, when you can instead have the most professional heating systems flushing performed at your residential or business property to put your mind at ease? Simply call or email us now to receive a competitive quote, absolutely free.