How you can get rid of lime scale from your central heating system – forever.

Lime scale is a scourge of so many of our lives – we certainly find enough of it lurking in our kettles and staining our home’s surfaces. We even might wonder what we can do to finally remove it from one of the places where it stands to cause the most damage of all… our central heating system.

Lime scale is something familiar to many of us even just from TV adverts declaring the miraculous job that a given bathroom cleaning product can do in eradicating it.

However, this notoriously hard, off-white, chalky deposit can also cause major problems for the efficiency of your central heating system. This helps to explain why, here at Power Flush Wizard, we are so determined to provide the power flushing services that help you to banish it from your home or business’s boiler, while also offering such related services as lime scale inhibitor installation.

What difference does power flushing make to your heating system’s lime scale?

The principle of power flushing may seem simple enough, but there’s no doubting the importance of this procedure for heating systems today.

Domestic and commercial heating systems alike suffer a great deal when lime scale and black iron oxide sludge are allowed to accumulate, coating the insides of pipes and radiators, which results in reduced hot water flow throughout the heating system. A power flush involves the removal of such deposits with the use of a pressurised mix of water and chemicals.

Even just the power flush alone makes a big difference to the efficiency of your central heating system, the disappearance of lime scale enabling you to say goodbye to such problems as radiator cold spots and little or no hot water due to blocked pipes. Furthermore, even once our engineers have left your home or business property, chemicals and inhibitors will be left in the system to help prevent future build-ups.

Don’t forget the additional services we can provide!

However, for even greater peace of mind, you may wish to visit our central heating upgrades page and consider the other changes that can be made to your system to guard against the possibility of future problems with built-up deposits.

These include the fitting of a MagnaClean filter that will minimise the accumulation of sludge long after the aforementioned chemicals have disappeared from your system, as well as lime scale inhibitor installation onto your home’s cold water inlet. The latter is an especially great move for preventing lime scale from building up in your property’s many other pipes and taps.

In short, if you want to be assured that pretty much all possible measures have been taken to prevent lime scale once more being a major problem for your central heating system, there’s only one company that you need to contact: Power Flush Wizard.