How do I know if my system needs to be power flushed?

Central heating cleaning isn’t the easiest of things to do. Thankfully, a power flush from Power Flush Wizard is a breeze and comes with all manner of benefits, including a possible 25% decrease in your fuel bills, increased heat from the radiators in your home and an increased lifespan for several components of your central heating system.

However, it can be tricky to determine if your central heating actually requires a power flush. We’d hate for you to have to pay for one without feeling much of a difference, so we’ve composed a list of ways to detect that your system is ready for a flush.

Your radiators are feeling a bit frozen

If you find that your radiators have cold spots or are cold at the bottom, it’s likely due to a build up of thick, black iron oxide sludge inside the radiator. This sludge prevents the flow of water into and out of the radiator and prevents the radiator from working at its peak efficiency.  A power flush helps to shift these sludge-y deposits, enabling your radiators to heat evenly again.

Alternatively, you may discover that your radiator is cold at the top. This is caused by a build up of hydrogen gas due to internal system rusting. As well as bleeding the system to reduce the excess air, a power flush afterwards will help to stop the rusting process.

Your boiler and taps malfunction

Another indicator that a power flush is required is your boiler running loudly, or cutting out now and again, which is also likely due to the iron oxide deposits lurking in the system.

These deposits also affect the amount of hot water that’ll make it through your taps, which often leads to more water being used than is actually needed. Again, a good power flush from Power Flush Wizard will help to resolve this problem.

If you are in any doubt about your central heating system’s performance, don’t hesitate to contact our trusty technical support team. They are not a sales team, instead being experts in central heating and power flushing. They therefore won’t ever push a sale onto you, even if they believe that you would benefit from a power flush.

What the team can do, however, is what it does best: offer you expert advice on the resolution of any central heating problems and provide a free, no-obligation quote if need be. Get in touch today to discover just how much a power flush could do for you and your home.