How a MagnaClean Filter can improve the lifespan of your boiler & central heating system.

Here at Power Flush Wizard we always recommend that our customers have a MagnaClean Magnetic Filter installed after a power flush. A MagnaClean filter is the best way to achieve long lasting results after a power flush, the magnetic filter quickly captures and actively traps iron oxide deposits as they pass through the heating system, helping to keep your heating system free flowing, your radiators warm and your boiler working at its peak efficiency. The innovative design of MagnaClean has won multiple awards from the likes of CORGI & The Sunday Times and is now protecting almost 2 Million household heating systems throughout the UK, we’ve included a video by Adey, the makers of MagnaClean filters that illustrates how a MagnaClean filter works.

A system free of these deposit build ups will last longer than an un-maintained heating system, un-treated systems can be subject to radiator inefficiency or hot and cold spots, boiler noise and cut outs and will cost more to run and heat than a deposit free system. Having a MagnaClean filter installed is one of the quickest and simplest ways to improve the heating efficiency of a home and save money on your fuel bills. A MagnaClean filter will also help to maintain the 25% you could already save on your heating bills with a power flush.

Why should I have a power flush before I have my filter fitted?

We always recommend that a power flush be carried out on a central heating system before fitting a MagnaClean filter, generally even new builds have to have a newly installed heating system power flushed to validate the boiler warranty. For older systems that are heavily blocked by iron oxide and other deposits a MagnaClean filter will not be enough to remove deposits built up inside radiators and plumbing fixtures, these heavy deposits need to be agitated and forcefully removed using pressurised power flush equipment. The chemicals left behind after a power flush will help to keep iron oxide and other deposits moving freely around the system, allowing them to reach and be trapped by the MagnaClean Filter.

For more information on having you central heating system power flushed, or for more information on installing a MagnaClean filter contact us today and our friendly team will be happy to help.