Have you thought about gas boiler servicing?

Cleaning your central heating system is a very important process, perhaps more so than you think. A lot of people may take their boilers for granted and thus end up forgetting about them until the time comes when they urgently need to be fixed.

Luckily, our team here at Power Flush Wizard knows how essential boilers are, which is just one reason why our gas boiler servicing comes so highly recommended.

Why boiler servicing is the way to go

Making sure that your gas boiler is sufficiently serviced isn’t just some sort of fad, it’s actually very beneficial for the system and for you in the long run. It means that heat will be more evenly distributed throughout your house and deliver greater energy savings by lowering your bills and extending your boiler’s life expectancy. 

Safety is everything for us here at Power Flush Wizard, and we can assure you that getting your boiler serviced on a yearly basis will help to keep your boiler safe, so you can sleep easier at night knowing that everything is running smoothly and securely.

There’s nothing worse than the feeling that your boiler could be about to break or even pose a danger to you or your family, so a service will give you vital peace of mind. 

Having your boiler serviced couldn’t be easier 

There’s no need to worry about any hassle, because we can guarantee that our engineers will do their best to make the whole servicing process as straightforward as possible. They will check that your boiler complies with all the latest safety regulations and then examine all of the electrical components to make sure they are in working condition, before proceeding with the main task. 

For the actual gas boiler service, an engineer will perform tests on a number of components, including the main injector and spark centre probe. They will then clean inside the boiler and carry out checks for any potential leaks, before performing an emissions test. This should confirm that your boiler is indeed in fine working condition.

Getting your gas boiler serviced really is an advisable move and Power Flush Wizard is always happy to be the providers of such an undertaking, so please get in contact with our team if you would like to take advantage of this highly rated and good value service.