Don’t leave your power flush too late!

The main purpose of a power flush is to rid your central heating system of sludgy black iron oxide deposits that can occur in the system due to the internal corrosion of parts. If this builds up too much, it stops water from flowing as well, causing your central heating to be less efficient.

We’re constantly singing praises about the many benefits that a central heating power flush brings, but it’s rare that we ever look at the other side of things – what could happen if you leave a less-than-perfect central heating system running for too long?

You won’t feel the warmth as much

The deposits often block the flow of water into and out of the radiator, causing cold spots. In turn, your radiators probably won’t be as warm – causing you to crank up the heating even more. This leads to our next reason for you to power flush as soon as you need it…. 

Your heating bills could rack up 

This is often the one effect that pushes people to invest in a power flush. The lack of efficiency brought about by the deposits in your central heating system cause it to work much harder to get the same results – ending up with you paying much more for it in the process. 

Your may need to replace your boiler

This is often a worst-case scenario, however. Keep an eye out for any increase in the noise coming from your boiler, or make a note if it cuts out on a regular basis – this is more often than not the result of a build-up of deposits. Failing to take action when this occurs could lead to a costly repair or even the need for a full replacement.

There’s no wrong time to have a power flush undertaken by Power Flush Wizard. It stops all of the above from occurring, massively increases the efficiency of your central heating system and even enables you to save up to 25% on your heating bills. What’s not to like?

As well as power flushing, we offer a wide array of central heating upgrades, including limescale inhibitors and thermostats. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information.