Approved Flow Boiler Installers!

Power Flush Wizard is now an accredited Flow Boiler Installer!
The Flow boiler uses new revolutionary technology to not only heat your water and your home, but to also generate electricity using the water flowing through your heating system in order to help cut down on your electricity bills and reduce carbon emissions by up to 20% or 1000kg of co2. The Flow Boiler has an efficiency of around 92%, making it a very efficient, A-rated appliance, which could save you a healthy sum of money on your energy bills if you’re upgrading from an older boiler.

Is the Flow Boiler suitable for all homes?
The version of the Flow Boiler that is currently available requires a separate hot water tank and is suitable for 3-5 bedroom homes. A wider range of variations should become available in the future to accommodate for a large amount of different home sizes.

How much will the Flow boiler save me?
The Flow Boiler is very efficient at turning gas into heat and therefore, if you are upgrading from an older boiler, you may end up using a lot less gas to heat your water and home. In addition to this, the Flow boiler generates electricity which could save you up to as much as £500 a year on your electricity bill. After you’ve had the Flow boiler installed, you’ll receive a discount on your home energy bills from Flow Energy every month for 5 years, totalling a sum equal to £4800 at the end of the 5 years. This will easily cover the cost of the boiler itself!

What warranty does the Flow boiler come with?
The warranty is split up into two parts, as the boiler itself consists of two main parts; the boiler itself is covered by a five year warranty, and the power unit that is used to generate electricity is also covered by a five year warranty, however, this would increase up to a ten year warranty if you stay with Flow Energy for your home energy.

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