5 things you might not have realised about our power flushing specialists.

So you’ve heard a few things about power flushing, and you’re wondering whether our experts are really the people to contact to do the job. Well, we’ve got a few reasons below why you shouldn’t hesitate to phone or email us for a quote.

 1.    Our specialists really are specialists

If you found our site having Googled ’, you’re in luck – all of our engineers are professionally trained in power flushing, so are fully qualified and well-versed in this specialised process.

 2.    We follow the complete process needed

Power flushing brings considerable benefits to the efficiency of your home or business’s heating when it is done right, but it really does need to be done right.

That’s why, from the initial detailed survey that we undertake of your heating system, all the way through to the cleaning up of any mess left over, we work hard to provide the most meticulous service.

 3.    They work with the utmost efficiency

We realise that whether you contact us about a domestic or commercial power flush, you have a busy life and will want the essential work to be done quickly, but professionally.

Our power flushing specialists know how to strike that all-important balance, meaning that most of our domestic jobs, for example, only take a single day. In any case, it’s well worth the time taken for the incredible results that you gain from a previously faltering boiler.

 4.    A high standard of work is guaranteed

When we say ‘guarantee’, we do mean a guarantee, in the form of a BS7593 compliance certificate issued on completion of the power flush, which should give you even greater peace of mind.

 5.    Their expertise is available across the UK

While we are based in the London, Berkshire and Essex area, we are proudly nationwide power flushing specialists.

What this means is that whether your home or business is situated in Cumbria or Cornwall, Lancashire or Lincolnshire, West Yorkshire or Wiltshire, you can still benefit from the same impeccable standard of power flushing services. 

It doesn’t have to be an arduous task to choose dependable, capable and affordable power flushing specialists. Get in touch with your team now, and we’ll give you a price for the job for free, with no obligation to take advantage of our service if you then prefer to go elsewhere.