5 More Power Flush Myths

Here are 5 more common misconceptions about power flushing:

  • Power flushing will cause leaks in my system.

This is a very common misconception and the simple answer is no; Power Flushing would in no way harm or damage any healthy radiators or pipes. In very rare cases, Power Flushing could remove sludge or rust from a heating system that uncovers a leak that was already there; but Power Flushing itself would never cause leaks to arise. However, our fully trained and experienced engineers would check for these kind of leaks and visible faults in the system before starting the Power Flush. If our
engineer finds that there is a risk of this, they will notify and advise
the customer in advance of the Power Flush itself.

  • If I have a magnet filter installed, I don’t need a power flush.

This is also false; a magnet filter merely helps to slow down the process of sludge and rust build-up, but it will not stop the process entirely. Therefore, sludge will still build up, just at slower rate, but will eventually cause the same problems arise, such as inefficiency and potential damage to your heating system.

  • I can just drain my heating system and refilling, instead of getting a power flush.

For any substantial amount of build-up, simply draining and refilling the heating system will not be very effective at all. This is because simply draining and refilling will not have the same high-speed water that is forcibly pump through the system in order to loosen and flush out sludge and debris. In addition to this, it would also not include any of our special chemicals used to further help the process of flushing the system out.

  • A power flush is really messy.

The power flushing procedure is carried out in an area such a bathroom, kitchen or utility room whereas any mess the may be created could easily be cleared up. Our specialised power flushing equipment is connected to the heating system were our engineer sees fit. Water along with our special chemicals is then pumped around the system, back to our equipment to flush out the sludge. This equipment does not use much pressure and should not cause any leaks or mess, as long as the sludge or rust is not hiding any leaks in the system. So if the system is healthy, this process should cause little or no mess at all.

  • Power flushing is really expensive.

The cost of a power flush can vary quite a bit, depending on the size of the heating system, the size of the pipes and the condition it is in. In some cases Power Flushing may seem to be a very expensive service to get, but the benefits of a clean and efficient system pays for itself, saving you money on your heating bills for years to come.

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