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When to Power Flush?

Knowing when to power flush a central heating system is not always obvious and many homeowners and business owners leave it far too long before opting for this very important service.

In Kent and and areas close by in south east London, there are many properties with poorly functioning central heating systems that are very expensive to run. Most people do very little to cut down on the build up of sludge' deposits within their systems. As the central heating system becomes more inefficient over time, boiler noise can start to occur as the system attempts to work harder. Power flushing can really help eradicate these problems and 'cleanse' the whole system of any oxidative sludge deposits.

What to look out for

  • Cold patches near the base of radiators that may be filled with sludge deposits
  • Dirty black or brown water seen during system bleeding
  • Lukewarm radiators on full due to blocked valves and pipes
  • 'Banging' boiler or noisy system in general
  • Lack of hot water in the system
  • Weal circulation of water as boiler pump ceases to work effectively
  • Colder patches at top of radiators due to gas build up 

What is certain is that power flushing will make a lot of difference to a poorly functioning central heating system. Most of our customers start to see results straight away and lower heating bills are inevitable over time.

If you live in Kent or south east London and your central heating system is showing any of the symptoms above, please call 0208 616 9011 or 07726 279849 for a FREE quote. Alternatively, you can complete one of our online enquiry forms.