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What is Power Flushing?

You may not be too aware of what 'power flushing' is, but as more and more central heating systems start to lose their efficiency, it is worth looking into further as it could save you considerable expense over time.

Many homes and businesses in Kent have central heating systems that have lost their optimum efficiency over time. This happens for a number of reasons. Copper piping that is exposed to hot water creates a chemical reaction that forms a black substance called Magnetite. This black 'sludge' is held in suspension and circulates around the central heating system, eventually settling at the base of the radiators.  Over time this will have a seriously adverse effect on the performance of the system and could lead to eventual boiler failure.

Power flushing, using state of the art equipment is the terminology that describes the process which cleanses and improves the working effectiveness of a central heating system. Water is circulted at high pressure throughout the entire central heating system, which in turn cleanses te system internally.

A comprehensive power flush will cleanse the central heating system of any sludge deposits that have built up over time. To ensure the best results, specially formulated chemicals are added to the water. The accumulated sludge deposits will be cleansed much quicker because of this. Most modern power flush machines have a 'reverse flow' option which will make a turbulent atmosphere within the system to ensure complete removal of any large deposits of really thick sludge.

Power Flush Kent operate a Jetflush Sentinel 4, widely recognised as one of the best jet flushing machines around today. The whole process can usually be done in less than a day.

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