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Q. What is a Power-flush?

A. A 'Power Flush' is a very effective internal cleansing process for poorly operating central heating systems and radiators.

Q. Does my newly installed boiler need power flushing?

The modern heat exchangers which are highly efficient on the latest condensing boilers makes them more prone to problems from the build up of system debris. Most boiler manufacturers will insist on the central heating system to be completely flushed before the installation of the new boiler. This will remove any sludge deposits that could result in premature failure of the boiler. 
Q.  Why should my central heating require power flushing?

A.  Over the lifetime of a central heating system the insides will corrode. The internal oxidation will result in rust and and sediment forming, resulting in circulation and flow problems. If this is not rectified the whole central heating sysytem can break down, and this can be very costly to repair or replace.

Q.  What symptoms may indicate that my system may require a power flush?

A.  These may vary. Cold areas on radiators, a noisy boiler, lack of hot water, dirty radiator water are just a few of the signs to look out for.

Q.  How long does a power flush take?

A.  In most cases in an average size home, a power flush can be done in half a day.
Q.  What does a power flush cost?

A.  The number of radiators and the size of your property will determine the overall price. A free site survey is always provided so we can accurately work out the costs involved.