Power Flushing Teston - POWER FLUSH KENT imagePower Flushing Teston - POWER FLUSH KENT image

Power Flushing Teston - POWER FLUSH KENT

Customer Testamonials

“Thank you Power Flush Kent for sorting out the central heating system – the power flush was less intrusive than we thought, and will save us money too” – Karen D, Teston, Kent

“Great stuff – the heating works like new now! Would recommend Power Flush Kent to others definitely” – Terry Hawkins, Wateringbury, Kent

“The amount of sludge that was in our radiators was awful! Power Flush Kent cleared it all, and the results are fantastic” – Ruby Young, Kings Hill, Kent

“Thank you for doing a great job – we got your number from a friend!” – Claire Jones, Coxheath, Kent

“Great Job – well done Power Flush Kent” – Sarah Tilner, East Farleigh, Kent

“The radiators were leaking and the boiler seemed to be struggling, so we got a power flush. Best thing we could have done, and everything runs smoothly now” – Jack Cooper, Maidstone, Kent

“Getting the central heating system power flushed sorted out all the problems we were having, like boiler cut outs and intermittent hot water. It’s great knowing that the system is full of anti corrosion chemicals too, so the system should run smoothly for many years”  - Mr Lawler, Teston, Kent