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Power Flushing Sevenoaks - POWER FLUSH KENT

Customer Testamonials

“I am happy to recommend Power Flush Kent. They explained everything they were doing, which helped me understand what was going on” – Gladys Bailey, Sevenoaks

“Great job – lovely to have the heating back! Thank you.” – Paul Oliver, Otford

“The cold spots on the radiators are all gone after the power flushing treatment. Highly recommended” – Ian Moore, Sevenoaks

“Our aging central heating system has had a new lease of life following the power flush” – Janet Hoover, Kemsing

“We got the power flush treatment on the recommendation of our central heating installer, as this will protect the system from corrosion and remove the debris from the installation process” – Mr Harris, Wrotham

“Thank you so much Power Flush Kent – the heating works much better and the boiler has not cut out once since the power flushing treatment” – Len Spalding, Roughway

“We had problems with the hot water, and the power flushing treatment solved this. We look forward to seeing a reduction in our fuel bills now that the system is running efficiently” – Mrs Williams, Hadlow

“We power flushed the central heating system in our new house as the system was quite old to make sure everything was running well for winter. Power Flush Kent did a great job for us, we are very happy to recommend them to anyone” – Wendy Small, Hildenborough

“Thank you – good job!” – Bill Warner, Leigh

“Power Flushing saved us from having to replace our central heating system, I am glad we tried this first!” – David Knott, Tonbridge