Power Flushing Sandwich - POWER FLUSH KENT imagePower Flushing Sandwich - POWER FLUSH KENT image

Power Flushing Sandwich - POWER FLUSH KENT

 Customer Testamonials

“Power Flushing the central heating system has had fantastic results – right from the day we had it done! What a difference. Thank you” – Janet Young, Sandwich

“Thank you Darren – the heating runs like new” – Mr Smithson, Sandwich

“The radiators all run perfectly now, some of them had cold spots before the flushing treatment. “ – Mrs Gantry, Richborough

“The heating and hot water system failed – and we got Power Flush Kent to power flush the system. There were blockages in the radiators caused by corrosion which the flush cleared – now everything runs perfectly! “ – Mr Tackett, Woodnesborough

“Thank you – highly recommended.” – Susan Woodley, Ash

“We were surprised at the results we got from the power flushing – the central heating runs like new!” – Jamie Pennycott, Walmer

“A few hours work and the heating was fixed! Great job – thank you Power Flush Kent” – Stuart Seabrook, Kingsdown

“Happy to recommend Power Flush Kent – they fixed our heating in no time at all.” – Mr Foster, Eythorne

“Power flushing your central heating system is a small price to pay to add years to your central heating system’s lifespan!” – James Hogg, Sandwich