Power Flushing Rolvenden - POWER FLUSH KENT imagePower Flushing Rolvenden - POWER FLUSH KENT image

Power Flushing Rolvenden - POWER FLUSH KENT

Customer Testamonials 

“We would certainly recommend the power flushing service provided by Power Flush Kent” – Sammy Hill, Rolvenden, Kent

“Thanks to Power Flush Kent we have an efficiently running central heating system” – D. Killminster, Cranbrook, Essex

“I was shocked at the gunk that came out of our central heating system! No wonder it didn’t work too well” – Mrs Fenton, Tenterden, Kent

“Great Job - Power Flush Kent power flushed our radiators in less than a day and we noticed the benefits of the power flush right away” – Mr Trawley, High Halden, Kent

“Would recommend Power Flush Kent – they did a fab job” – Brenda Major, Staplehurst, Kent

“Thank you Power Flush Kent for making our central heating system work properly! No need for a new boiler after all” – Amy, Ticehurst, Kent

“Getting the new central heating power flushed will protect it from corrosion, we would definitely recommend it.” – H. Dare, Burwash, Kent

“Awesome job – happy to recommend Power Flush Kent for power flushing central heating systems” – Grant, Icklesham, Kent

“Thank you Power Flush Kent – great job!” – Freddie Mitchell, Camber, Kent

“Having heat and hot water is fabulous. Power Flush Kent fixed the central heating in a day with no need for a new boiler” – Sue, Rye, Kent