Power Flushing Queenborough - POWER FLUSH KENT imagePower Flushing Queenborough - POWER FLUSH KENT image

Power Flushing Queenborough - POWER FLUSH KENT

 Customer Testamonials

“Power Flush Kent booked us in right away for a power flush when our hot water and heating broke down. Less than a day, and all the problems were sorted out” – Mr Grant, Queenborough

“The engineer was fantastic. One power flush and we had our heating back.” – Rebecca Hurley, Sheerness

“The radiators don’t have cold spots any more, the power flush was an instant fix” – Janet Seabrook, Emley

“Great Job – highly recommended” – Ben Etgen, Minster

“The problems we were having with intermittent hot water were solved with the Power Flush treatment – but we also found the heating took much less time to heat up the house than before!” – Mrs Harrison, Isle Of Sheppey

“I would recommend Power Flush Kent to my friends, definitely” – Mr Hills, Kemsley

“In less than a day, all our heating problems were sorted out. The power flush cleared lots of blockages, apparently, and now the system is much more efficient.” – Mrs Billingsgate, Upchurch

“Great service, friendly engineer – and heat and hot water restored!” – Stu Chambers, Lower Halstow