Power Flushing Herne Bay - POWER FLUSH KENT imagePower Flushing Herne Bay - POWER FLUSH KENT image

Power Flushing Herne Bay - POWER FLUSH KENT

 Customer Testamonials

“Happy with the job – would recommend Power Flush Kent to anyone!” – Janet Osbourne, Herne Bay

“It takes less time to heat up the house now all the radiators are working properly. I would recommend the power flush treatment” – Peter Adshead, Whitstable

“Thanks to Power Flush Kent we now have heat and hot water again” – Paul Jenkins, Brooksend

“The power flush will pay for itself, the more efficient system is cheaper to run” – Stuart Young, Flete

“All the rads are working properly now – before the power flushing they were hot on the top and cold on the bottom and seemed to take forever to heat up” – Ffion, Dunkirke

“Thank you – we have noticed the difference already – the house heats up in no time. We recommend power flushing!” – Jimmy Howell, Chartham

“We recommend to our customers that they get their new central heating systems flushed to protect it against corrosion and clear out installation deposits. Power Flush Kent has been the firm we recommend for many years as they do a great job” – Mr Parkins, Preston

“Thank you for power flushing our central heating system, having the heat back is a godsend” – Brenda Major, Faversham