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Power Flushing Hamstreet - POWER FLUSH KENT

Customer Testamonials

“Thank you Power Flush Kent for power flushing the radiators in our office block. The money we will save on our fuel bills will make such a difference” – Mr Fosterling, Hamstreet, Kent

“We are happy to recommend Power Flush Kent’s power flushing services. Great Job” – Bilsington, Kent

“Our radiators were not heating up properly, they were hot on the bottom and cold on the top. Power Flush Kent suggested we power flushed the central heating system to clear the blockages, and we are so happy with the results!” – Mrs Harper, Newchurch, Kent

“We got Power Flush Kent’s number from a friend, and we are happy to recommend their power flushing service to anyone. What a difference having an efficient central heating system makes.” – Joyce Farmer, Ivychurch, Kent

“Thank you Power Flush Kent – fantastic service” – Jane, Kingsnorth, Kent

“Friendly professional engineers – and a job well done! Highly recommended” – Kev, Ashenden, Kent

“The dirt that came out of our radiators was quite a shock! Easy to see why the boiler was not working as well as it should be” – Lee Diment, Iden, Kent