Power Flushing Dover - POWER FLUSH KENT imagePower Flushing Dover - POWER FLUSH KENT image

Power Flushing Dover - POWER FLUSH KENT

“We phoned up Power Flush Kent when we started noticing that the radiators were not heating properly, and they came round and carried out a power flush. Problem solved.” – Mr Flint, Dover

“Fast, friendly service, everything was explained to us as it was done and we are very happy with the results.” – Edna Harris, Swingate

“Great! Thank you – we would recommend power Flush Kent to anyone” – Sandra Dullage, Whitfield

“The fuel bills were going up for no apparent reason, so we called PFK to service the central heating system. They cleared out so much sludge from the radiators and now our system runs efficiently!” – Dawn Healey, Alkham

“Thank you Darren – we have heating again!” – Justin Hurst, Guston

“Our neighbours recommended the power flush treatment to sort out the central heating system, and I was surprised at how much dirt there was inside the system! No wonder it wasn’t working properly.” – Gordon Patel, Hougham

“Our bills came down noticeably after having the power flush! Highly recommended” – Simon Baker, Lydden Hill

“We got the new heating system power flushed to prolong its lifespan – a small price to pay for such an expensive part of our household!” – Jackie Bilson, Dover