Power Flushing Dargate - POWER FLUSH KENT imagePower Flushing Dargate - POWER FLUSH KENT image

Power Flushing Dargate - POWER FLUSH KENT

Customer Testamonials 

“Thanks to Power Flush Kent, the house heats up in no time at all now. All the radiators are clear and working efficiently” – Harry Jacobson, Dargate, Kent

“What great service. Our heating broke down , and we got Power Flush Kent to power flush it – no need for a new boiler after all.” – Sue Rooney, Yorkletts, Kent

“Thank you Power Flush Kent – fantastic job” – J. Longfield, Faversham, Kent

“The boiler kept cutting out all the time, several times a day. Turns out our central heating system was clogged up with sludge, which Power Flush Kent cleared for us in less than a day. All sorted” – Bob Hussey, Denstroude, Kent

“Having the hot water back is a godsend. Thank you – Happy to recommend” – Tracey York, Dunkirk, Kent

“Thank you Power Flush Kent – Highly recommended” – Jack, Whitstable, Kent

“Seeing all the sludge coming out of the radiators was quite the eye opener. No wonder we had heating problems” – Sandy, Blean, Kent

“Power Flush Kent did a fantastic job, and are very competitively priced, we recommend them!” – Mr & Mrs Jenkins, Sturry, Kent