Power Flushing Cranbrook - POWER FLUSH KENT imagePower Flushing Cranbrook - POWER FLUSH KENT image

Power Flushing Cranbrook - POWER FLUSH KENT

“Power Flushing the radiators has sorted them out – they all heat up now.” – Mrs Goowin, Lamberhurst

“Great job – we would recommend Power Flush Kent to our friends!” – Mrs Dullage,  Cranbrook

“Our radiators were heating up unevenly and were taking a long time to heat up- the power flushing solved the problem” – Fiona Philips, Benendon

“Very professional and courteous, highly recommended” – Mrs Stansford, Hawkhurst

“After the radiators were flushed the heating took much less time to come on, and the boiler stopped banging – PWK did a great job” – Bob, Sandhurst

“Great stuff – the heating works and we will save money! Thank you” – Harry Tanner, Ticehurst

“Getting the power flushing done was a great move – we are already noticing the drop in our fuel bill” – Mr and Mrs Jones, Bayham Abbey

“Thanks Power Flush Kent – we have passed your number on to our neighbours.” – Harriet Fisher, Rolvenden