Power Flushing Chelfield - POWER FLUSH KENT imagePower Flushing Chelfield - POWER FLUSH KENT image

Power Flushing Chelfield - POWER FLUSH KENT

Customer Testamonials 

“Power Flushing will solve most central heating problems, I am glad we chose to have this treatment. Thank you to Power Flush Kent for great service.” – Kevin Hardy, Chelsfield, Kent

“Highly recommended. Power Flush Kent made the whole process painless” – Jo, Kevingtown, Kent

“Thank you Power Flush Kent – The heating is running much better now, quieter too” – Ruth Jones, Swanley, Kent

“We are happy to recommend Power Flush Kent’s power flushing services” – Liam Jackson, Eynsford, Kent

“Great job – lower fuel bills ahead!” – Jack Wendall, Shoreham, Kent

“Instant results! Flushing all the grime from the central heating system has made such a difference already” – Susan Fielding, Orpington, Kent

“Great service, happy to recommend” – Kelly Milton, Knockmill, Kent

“Seeing all that filth coming from our radiators made it clear why the boiler was about to pack in! We recommend power flushing your central heating system, definitely” – Jon Smithson, Biggin Hill, Kent