Power Flush Wadhurst - POWER FLUSH KENT imagePower Flush Wadhurst - POWER FLUSH KENT image

Power Flush Wadhurst - POWER FLUSH KENT

Customer Testamonials 

“It’s a load of having all the central heating problems solved. The power flushing took care of the banging, the boiler cut outs and the cold spots in the radiators” – R. Adshead, Wadhurst, Kent

“Thank you Power Flush Kent for flushing our central heating system – the results are fantastic” – Sarah G, Tilehurst, Kent

“We would recommend Power Flush Kent to anyone having central heating problems. They were very professional” – Paula Cooper, Goudhurst, Kent

“Darren did a fantastic job – no wonder the central heating was struggling with all that sludge inside it” – Vicky S, Pembury, Kent

“Getting the power flush probably saved our boiler’s life!” – Susan Grant, Rotherfield, Kent

“We are looking forward to seeing a reduction in our bills now that the boiler does not have to work so hard” – Shaun, Cogginsmill, Kent

“Awesome job – thank you Power Flush Kent” – Racheal Kemsley, Mayfield, Kent

“Getting the power flush done was a good move. The system is running like new and we won’t need to worry about it for years” – Jess, Witherhurst, Kent