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MagnaClean Filters

Power Flush Kent use MagnaClean filters, recognised as the best type of power flush filter to keep your system free from sludge and rust deposits after we have power flushed your central heating system. MagnaClean are regarded as the industry leader in power flushing equipment. 

MagnaClean have, through extensive research developed an excellent very effective, full-flow, magnetic filter that cleanse the system of any black iron oxide in suspension. The Magnaclean filters will keep your system free from sludge and help you save a lot of money over time.

The benefits of what the filters can do are outlined below -

  • Any suspended iron oxide particles are filtered out of the system
  • Eliminates the accumulation of sludge in the system 
  • Very economical and cost saving 

We strongly recommend having a Magnaclean filter fitted to your central heating system to make it very efficient and much more economical to run than it is at present. The MagnaClean filter will also extend the life of the central heating system and any radiators working off it.

We fit Magnaclean filters to central heating systems throughout Kent. To request a FREE quote, please call 0208 616 9011 or 07726 279849 or send an online enquiry.